Monday, January 31, 2011

Installed Diaper Sprayer

When I started the cloth diaper adventure I ordered a diaper sprayer (mentioned in previous post). It came in Saturday but I didn't get it installed until this morning. The listing on ebay said that it only took 5 minutes to install. And that would have been true IF I had bought the right size crescent wrench to begin with. In the first 2 minutes I got one end of the hose connected to the toilet off and when I started to disconnect the bigger end I discovered that the crescent wrench that I had was not big enough. So at 5 this morning I made an emergency run to wal-mart to get a bigger crescent wrench. The rest of the installation was uneventful and the sprayer works wonderfully. If anyone buys a sprayer, either the one that I bought (you can find that here) or another brand make sure that you have all the correct tools on hand!

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