Friday, December 30, 2011

Where to begin???

In November  I mentioned that we are working on making a new Spike. Not really a "NEW" Spike but an additional Spike, or Spikette. December was the first month with Follistim; unfortunately it was unsuccessful. The  news of it being unsuccessful was not devastating and not entirely that surprising. I'm not going to lie; it is NOT fun being on fertility meds, multiple appointments to have blood drawn, daily shots of fsh for 2 weeks, a shot of hcg and then 2 weeks of progesterone supplements, and I am not even ready to talk about the delivery of the progesterone supplements. But after all of that for several months I still got the Spike and it made the months of frustration, and drs appointments (and then months of morning sickness) totally worth it.
Well adding injury to the insult of the negative pregnancy test on December 27th I go in today (December 29) for baseline blood work and ultrasound and find out that I have a 22mm cyst on my right ovary which means I have to take the month off from fertility meds, and I have to go on aygestin to shrink the cyst. One of the worst parts about the cyst is that I didn't even know I had it until she started the ultrasound and was measuring my uterus and that little bit of pressure was enough to anger the cyst and I have been in some level of discomfort ever since. I am scheduled for another baseline on Jan 23. So here's hoping in February we make another October baby!