Friday, March 1, 2013

blogging failure.. and big news

Clearly I really do suck at blogging. I might try to get better. I make no promises. Since my last post in July of 2012 so much has gone on. The biggest being that our family is growing again. Spike is going to be a big brother. To a little sister we are calling Katie, that might change. I mean really with siblings called: Boy, Goozie, Bug and Spike you can't just be called Katie. She will make her grand arrival hopefully in May. We had a 3d ultrasound done last week. and she looks just like Spike did as a newborn.
Maybe we can call her Spike Jr. 
Being pregnant with a girl is totally different from being pregnant with a boy. Or maybe it just falls under the "all pregnancies are different" tag line. Since we found out that she is a girl we I am trying to come to grips with having a girl that I'm supposed to teach how to be a girl. The big girls have their mom to depend on for girly things so I never really felt the pressure of teaching them how to do hair, or how to dress or wear make up. All of those things I try not to worry with ever. But the closer it gets to my due date the more I am feeling scared out of my mind comfortable with having a daughter.