Friday, January 28, 2011

Today is the day….

The cloth diapers I ordered should be in today according to UPS. I did go on last night and ordered a few more covers and prefolds. After doing more reading, I found out that what I had ordered would barely be enough for 2 days. And in order to not have to wash diapers every day I decided to buy enough so that I have 3 days worth of diapers then I only have to do laundry every 2 days.
I worked last night and left Spiky with his dad and our nephew. I have (had) 2 unopened boxes of pampers that I was going to take back to Wal-Mart, they were gifts but still the extra $50 would have put a huge dent in what I have spent on cloth. But of course the guys couldn’t find the already opened box of diapers and chose to open one of the boxes that was going back. This was not something I expected to come home to. I know it’s only $25 and as my husband says “won’t bankrupt us” but it still ticks me off that they couldn’t look or call me since they call me for everything else, and my husband KNOWS that I just spent money on cloth diapers that are going to be in today.
I plan to post some pictures after the cloth gets in and I get it washed the 3 times that they have to be washed before they can be used. But with my new washer and dryer that should only take a few hours. By tonight I should be a full fledged cloth diapering mama!

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