Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Far…

I am in LOVE with cloth diapers! Even though I was the one who wanted to try it I was a still a bit skeptical about what it would actually be like. But so far so good; I’ll admit that “dirty” diapers are worse than wet diapers. The plus side Spiky is a breast man and only poops every few days. I did not order enough prefolds. My initial order was for 20, and I guess I underestimated how much the boy really does pee because just today he went through 13 dipes so I had to do laundry tonight. But you know it was still totally worth it! My only real complaint is that it takes forever to dry the prefolds in my dryer, its not the dryer because it is brand new and has no problems drying clothes, I really think that it has something to do with the size and density of prefolds. I’m open to suggestions other than hanging them outside, I have trees in my small back yard and I think the pollen would be counterproductive. I did see online where you can buy wool dryer balls and that is supposed to cut drying time, but I can’t see myself spending $8 for one ball of yarn. I think tomorrow (or later today) I might go to a craft store, buy some felting wool, and make my own just to try it out.
Spiky in his econobum and baby legs!! 
Picture of DIY Wool Dryer Balls [] -
Wool Dryer balls

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