Thursday, January 27, 2011

The cloth diaper experiment

I have wanted to cloth diaper since Spiky was born, but we had a craptastic washer and dryer. Finally got a new washer and dryer a few days ago and they work spectacular. After much debate, research and such I have convinced my husband to let me give it a try. This morning I went on and ordered some ‘seconds’ econobums , prefolds,diaper totes, and diaper detergent and a few other odds and ends. What is amazing is I placed my order at 7am on January 26th and got the email saying that it had shipped 6:30pm the SAME DAY!! According to UPS my order should be in Friday afternoon. I am defiantly recommending to anybody who wants to cloth diaper. I also went on ebay and bought a diaper sprayer. I also got the confirmation tonight that it has shipped as well. So it seems in a few days I can go into cloth diaper mode and give this a fair shot. My husband is still disturbed by the whole concept. But I am hoping that after a week he will be used to the idea. I spent $120 this morning on all of this diaper stuff and it should be the majority of what we need to last the whole time Spiky is in diapers. The $120 one time investment totally beats the $100 we spend on diapers a month. Well that is a rough estimate, Spiky goes through at LEAST 10 diapers a day, and if you figure diapers cost between .20 and.30 cents a piece that is $60-$90 dollars a month at a minimum. Either way even if we only use cloth for 2 months it will be the same as diapers for 2 months. If all goes well I will have the same diapers for my next child. Unfortunately the only ‘seconds’ they had were blue so if the next child is a girl I will have to buy new covers but other than that we will be set. I did only buy the minimum for what we will ultimately need so I figure I will spend maybe another $100 but still it will be cheaper than disposables in the long run.
SECONDS:  Econobum<br>Color: Moonbeam Trim<br>(COVER ONLY)

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