Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Product Review- The Green Panda Wipe Solution Soap Bits

Company: The Green Panda

Product: Organic Wipe Solution Soap Bits - Several scents available. Scent purchased Cucumber Melon

Price: $9.00 + $3.00 shipping

Directions for use: Dissolve one Soap bit (baby pin) in 1 to 2 cups of hot water

When I first got the soap bits in the mail I opened the package and was slightly overwhelmed by the perfume smell. This made mer nervous about trying the product. However upon further inspection there were 2 additional soap bits in the package of a different scent (Irish Tweed) . The free scent was either just not what I was expecting or a little to strong for my liking. The cucumber melon soap bits had a very slight and pleasant  cucumber melon scent.

In the directions for preparing the wipe solution it says to dissolve the soap bit in 1 to 2 cups of hot water. Initially I used 2 cups of hot tap water. I swirled the water around in a stainless steal bowl (plastic absorbs some smells) until the water was room temperature and the soap bit was still not dissolved. I think placed my stack of wipes in the bowl and absorbed all of the water. This generally requires flipping the wipes so the top gets solution. The 2 cups of water was not enough and since the soap bit was still not dissolved I added another cup of hot water and stirred until the soap bit was dissolved. This was enough solution for all of the wipes to become damp.

When I prepare my cloth wipes I fold my wipes (from Pretty Printed Diapers) in half and stack them in a disposable wipe case. I just put wipes in the case until it is full I have no idea how many wipes are actually in the case. The next time I stack wipes I will try to remember to note the total number of wipes.

Overall I am very pleased with the soap bits from The Green Panda. It was more convenient than mixing my own solution;even though technically still mixing my own solution, but I didn't have to measure out anything but the water. I think the reason the soap bit didn't dissolve in the 2 cups of water is that my tap water does not get very hot, even at its hottest I can still keep my hand under the water. So next time I am going to heat the water on the stove or in the microwave prior to trying to dissolve the soap bit. Everyone might not need to use 3 cups of water the scent was a lot less noticeable with 3 cups of water than it was with 2 cups of water. But I don't really want my son smelling like overwhelming like cucumber melon so to me that is a plus.

This product is going in my list of products to suggest to new cloth diapering moms.

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