Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Product Review : Lil' Bit Customs

Company: Lil' Bit Customs

Product: Diaper Cover, All In One (AIO) diapers

Price: Varies depending on type/fabric

In the past few months I have ordered several diapers from Lil' Bit Customs. So far I have 4 OS diaper covers and 3 OS AIO diapers (Groovy Guitars is one of the AIO) 2 of the AIO diapers have been made from T-shirts that I sent her (KISS Army).

I was virtually introduced to the mom behind Lil' Bit Customs in mid March. It took me all of a minute to decide to order a diaper cover from her. At that time I was really only using diaper covers; I had a few pockets and AIO,most of which I did not really like using, and a few covers that I loved using. the first cover that I ordered was a Mickey Mouse print. I only ordered one to begin with just so I could make sure that the diaper cover would work for Spiky. Needless to say it fit him better than any other cover I had purchased previous to this so I ordered 3 more covers; Sponge Bob print, an Airplane Print, and Green Argyle (you can find Lil' Bit Customs fabric options here)
I use econobum pre-folds with all of my covers and they fit wonderfully with the Lil' Bit Customs' covers. I also use unbleached Chines pre-folds that are slightly different from the econobum pre-folds but work just as well.

My husband is a huge KISS fan; if you don't know it is super hard to find KISS diapers (I don't know why). I had never mentioned to him that I had tried to find KISS fabric, but one afternoon when I woke up for work he asked me to find someone to make Spiky a KISS diaper. So of course I contacted Lil' Bit Customs. Thankfully it was as easy as finding a KISS shirt with a logo that would work for diapers, a few emails to Lil' Bit Customs, shipping the shirt to her (ebay/paypal) and then she made the diaper. My husband is in love with AIO diapers so of course he wanted HIS diapers to be AIO that is how I got 3 AIO diapers, The KISS diaper, an AC/DC diaper and Groovy Guitars. As I stated previously I am not huge fan of AIO diapers. Lil' Bit Customs has changed my mind on AIOs; while I still LOVE covers, I don't have a problem using the AIOs that she made us. The fit is better than any OS AIO that I have tried.

So if you ever find yourself in the need for a custom made diaper you should contact her. She is super to work with and the quality of the diapers is amazing. She has both a facebook fan page and a website, I think the facebook page would probably be the easiest way to ask her questions and set up custom orders. Also tell her Spiky sent you, I don't know if it will do anything but never hurts to try :)

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