Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making progress...

I mentioned last week that I was doing some research/ product testing on cloth wipe solution. Well I ordered some soap bits from The Green Panda and some more cloth wipes from Pretty Printed Diapers and they both came in today!  In an early post I mentioned how important it was to have cloth wipes and Pretty Printed Diapers is who I ordered my first cloth wipes from. So far she has been the most reasonably priced cloth wipes that I have been able to find. Ive been using the first ones that I ordered since early February; so far no problems with my initial order I did order a print fabric and that has faded considerably but what do you expect from leaving cloth in water aloe and tea tree oil? Even the faded wipes are structurally sound, and still super soft.

I am excited to try to the soap bits from The Green Panda. I got the cucumber melon scent which is my favorite scent of all time. They have a lot of scents available and seem to be reasonably priced. I really haven't found many soap bits to do comparrison shopping and since I haven't had the chance to make any wipe solution yet and don't know the quality of the product it is going to be a trial and error process. But hopefully Monday morning I get to make wipe solution and start the review process!
I am hoping to take pictures of the product *both the wipes and the soap bits* and possibly the process behind making the solution even though the process seems pretty simple.
here are pictures of the products from their site
Soap Bits
40 Organic Wipe Solution Soap Bits, You Choose Scent

2 Dozen Flannel Baby Wipes - Spring Green

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