Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wool dryer balls

To anyone new to cloth diapering (like me) you might not know that you NEED dryer balls to dry your prefolds, or you are going to spend hours drying them. I have a dryer that dries a full load of towels in under 30 minutes; and it still takes a good 2 hours to dry 13 prefolds. After the first time of washing and drying the prefolds to prep them for use I became aware of this problem and began searching for the reason and remedy. What I found where dryer balls. You can get them in plastic or in wool. Since there were no wool ones at Wal-mart I bought 4 plastic ones. They cut the drying time from 2 hours to a mere 40 minutes. I have read that wool works even better but instead of buying them I made my own and saved some money.
On Thursday I went to Hobby Lobby and bough Fisherman's wool (Lion Brand) that said it was perfect for felting. This seemed to be the most economical option. It was 10.99 for a skein, I bought 3 skeins just to be safe. Since I had never done the project I was unsure as to how much wool it would take. I then followed the directions found here and ended up with 17 wool dryer balls. most of them are 8 inches but some of them I didnt wrap tight enough or I wrapped too tight, I'm not really sure what caused it but they shrank and are considerably smaller. But in the midst of all of my searching I found that felted wool balls are great baby toys so the smaller / irregular ones will not go to waste because Spiky will get to enjoy them.

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