Wednesday, February 16, 2011


is a total nightmare! I don't know how it is for "normal" moms who work during the day and sleep at night; but working at night and have a screech owl for a baby during the day is wearing me out! I am so thankful that the most I work is 5 days a week and those days are spread apart or I would seriously lose my mind. I got 2 hours of sleep between getting off work yesterday morning at 6a and being back at work at 6p. I am hoping I can catch a short nap at my mom's when I go to pick up Spiky.
It seems the only thing that makes him feel better is ibprofen and orajel. I don't give him ibprofen more than once a day and that makes for a miserable day but I would rather under medicate than over medicate. Maybe that makes me a mean mom but I am super paranoid about giving babies medication. I am hoping I get a break in the teething process soon, this no sleep thing is for the birds.

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