Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am...

I am by no means a famous blogger. I am not pithy or overly humorous. I am who I am. I am Spike’s mom, I am a stepmother to 3 wonderful children, I am a wife to a wonderful man who goes above and beyond to make me feel like a princess, I am a woman with PCOS, and I am a {insert occupation here}. While these things influence who I am they are not who I am. I am far more than all of that.
For starters I used to be a college student, I was working on a BA in Psychology, and then I found out that Psychology is not what I thought it was going to be and I dropped out, yep I am a college drop out. I really thought that I would regret this decision, but I don’t. Not at all, not one little bit. Its only been two months and already I feel relieved. No longer do I have to “neglect” the Spike in order to get school work done. No more do I have to stress about deadlines, due dates and what my next paper topic is going to be. The only down side is that I LOVE writing. Like absolutely love it, I don’t really like the research part of writing but the actual putting thoughts on paper (or word) is very satisfying. I know that one day I will find more things to write about and more time to write, but as of now I am really enjoying just working and being Spike’s mom.
By the way, at some point in the last month Spike decided to turn 2, and apparently turning 2 means that he is drawing on himself with pens that I cannot find before or after the new Spike tattoo is drawn, he is also climbing on top of furniture, like book cases, boxes, you name it he climbs on it. 

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