Sunday, August 21, 2011

Being Creative

As I complained about in an earlier post I am taking Creative Writing and intro to College Algebra this semester. I was excited about Creative Writing. But now I realize how scary this class really is.
1st I have to submit my projects for peer review. Umm HELLO not everybody wants everybody else to read what they write. I could careless if you read what I write I just don't want to be criticized. Well sucks to be me because I still have to do it. This weeks assignment was a nonfiction short story. 3-4 pages of rambling. This has to be submitted for peer review by wednesday. Me being my normal over achieving self, ahem, got it done tonight. I haven't submitted it yet, I am going to send it to my husba... I mean editor. But until he gets to look at it I have posted it on my barely used other blogs for essays. If you feel froggy and want to read it, Go ahead, if you are going to tell me it sucks, yeah I pretty much already know that, so don't waste your time telling me ;)

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