Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spike's 9month appointment

Spike is now 10 months old, so of course it makes sense that he would be having his 9 month appointment! Truth of the matter is Spike's mom is an absentminded dork and forgot to make his 9 month appointment until 3 days before he turned 9 months old and by then they didn't have any openings.
Today's appointment wasn't that bad. Ever since he was labeled failure to thrive I am always super nervous before appointments even though they lifted that label and the kid is eating everything he can get his hands on, except watermelon he hates watermelon (I'm so proud!) So even though I was nervous and he was bad in the waiting room the appointment didn't go that bad. Although for his 1 year appointment I don't think I'm going to show up 15 minutes early. His appointment was at 10 we got there at 9:45 we didn't get into a room until 10:45 and didn't see the Dr until 11:10. The boy (and his mom) was not happy. But it happens so now that its over its not that big of a deal. Anyway, Spike weighs 20 lbs exactly (25th percentile) is 28 inches long(tall?) (also 25th percentile) and his head circ. is 47 cm (88th percentile) so basically my boy is a little but has his daddy's big ol' melon head! The Dr did say that it looks like he could have a narrow urethra (made me think of Hank Hill on king of the hill) but it probably isn't a big deal. If its not a big deal then why the crap tell me about it?
Also I got the exasperated look when I told the nurse we weren't doing shots. I wanted to say "Really? I'm educated, my husband is educated and in the medical field, we aren't a pair of Podunk idiots who are choosing not to vaccinate our child because or witch Dr said they were bad" But, I kept my mouth shut, signed that nice little form saying I was denying vaccinations, made me wonder if you have to sign a form to get vaccinations, you know a form explaining the risks, or even explaining how the vaccinations work and why they feel they are necessarily. I might have to ask around. Or better yet, if you read this and you vaccinate let me know in the comments if you had to sign a form. I'm just curious. and just to cover my butt:
****this is in no way meant to influence the medical decisions that you make for your child. Every parent has the right to determine what medical procedures are correct for their child/family etc.*** however if you want to know the reasons why we chose not to vaccinate just ask and I'll tell you!

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