Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another semester....

or I should say another class since I am pretty sure that the semester started 8 weeks ago. This 8 weeks I am taking Learning and Cognition. I'm thinking major snooze fest which is probably why its a requirement for my degree. Nobody said psychology is exciting.
I am some what thinking about changing my major. I'm not sure though; maybe I'll be one of those students that changes majors so many times I never graduate I just keeping going to school forever. G~d I hope not.
Next Semester: More math and Creative writing (somewhat excited about creative writing)

In Spiky news he is cruising around the furniture, legs, really anything he can hold onto and walk. He also has started taking off his diaper anytime it is wet. Thankfully he doesn't do that for poop diapers but I'm sure at some point he will and it will be messy. Right now he just screams at us until we change poop diapers. Not like we could mistake him standing still and his face turning red while he is preparing the poop diaper for us to change. He also has decided to call me by my first name. Jason is of course Dad because the other 3 call him dad and I call him dad to Spike.

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