Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I promise I haven't been trying to slack on posting I have just had a lot going on.
In Spiky news the pediatrician labeled him as "failure to thrive" Which is a really mean way of saying that he isn't gaining enough weight. At his 4 month appointment he was 11lbs 2oz and 2 weeks later he was 11lbs 3oz. He has been started on high calorie formula which seems to be doing the trick and according to my digital infant scale he weighs 11lbs 12 oz as of this afternoon. He has another weight check on Thursday so fingers are crossed that he has gained enough so he  can be unlabeled. Until then we are continuing the supplementing about 1/2 of his feedings are JUST breast milk the other 1/2 are both. I let him nurse and then fix him a bottle if he still acts hungry; and sometimes in between feedings I fix him a 2 ounce bottle sometimes he eats it sometimes he doesn't. But that extra seems to be helping. Also in the midst of all of this we both caught the flu. Which was miserable! We are both feeling better but we both still have the cough which I've been told stays around for a while.
On Friday when I took him to the Dr for a weigh check/ flu check he sent us to the hospital with orders for blood work; they did a CBC, CMP, SED rate and thyroid function. Also, at the Dr's office they did an urinalysis but somehow that got contaminated so it has to be redone on Thursday at his next weigh in. It wasn't that bad, the first stick Spiky screamed his little head off but we were trying to hold him and he didn't like that, the 2nd stick I let him watch and he didn't even cry. He is so my child. After that we went to get the bigger kids and I got a call from the hospital and the blood they had drawn had clotted prior to 2 of the test and they didn't have enough for another one of the tests so I had to take him back to the hospital and it took 4 sticks to get enough blood and he screamed the entire time. I got the results from the blood work on Monday, everything came back good except for something with his liver but that was so borderline they are chalking it up to the flu.

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