Friday, October 14, 2011

Save Araya Sunshine |

Save Araya Sunshine |

About this Project

We need help to save a family friend. My friend and her family are loosing their dog Araya to distemper. She received all of her vaccinations and booster shots later but has still caught the disease. The problem started when her husband brought a puppy in that he had found. At that time the puppy was healthy. One day the puppy got out of the fence and was later found at the pound. She was brought home and was thought to have kennel cough which turned out to be distemper after being exposed to their other two dogs, Araya and Jade. We have now found out that the human society admits to keeping ill dogs with healthy dogs and that there is an outbreak of distemper in the city they live in. Jade was the first of the two to come down with the disease. She was a micro chihuahua and it was not long before she was too far gone. They used their mortgage to try to save her but she did not make it and once she passed they had her cremated. Their daughter was greatly affected by her death. Now Araya has come down with the disease and may not make it without treatment. They need to take her to a clinic several hours away to receive the newcastle disease vaccine treatment that would be given through her spine but they do not have the money. Araya has been a major part of the family. She was a gift to my friend from her husband because of the many fertility problems they were having. She has saved my friend from a robber and is always on alert to protect the family. She has been a loving dog and a great protector. We now want to return the favor but can not afford to do so. We do not have much time and we could use any help that could be given to say her life. You can add my friend on facebook as a friend, Brandy Sutton, She really needs any help that can be given.

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